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Auditorium Architecture

Format follows the function. The places where cultural and social activities such as cinema halls, concert halls, ball halls and show center take place should have different architectural design and technical qualities in accordance with their intended use. Such halls differ in terms of equipment and structure according to their intended use. Built for the purpose of demonstration or presentation, such spaces are designed according to their functions. According to these functions, elements such as architectural acoustics, architectural design, interior architectural visuality, direct and indirect lighting units, regulations, standards, performance requirements, professional system equipment, sound and light visual system are completely different. It is also important that these elements are compatible within themselves.

Architectural Acoustic

When we look at the concept as acoustic, architectural acoustic, natural acoustics, electro acoustics, acoustic environment or acoustic insulation, acoustic reflector, absorber panel, reflection, insulation, echo, delay is the sum of different features such as. It is necessary to understand these features of acoustics in the projects and to design the technical details accordingly and design the spaces that will show good acoustic performance. The acoustic system does not only mean that a space needs a very special system. Acoustics are an indispensable part of our daily lives. Acoustics should be designed and prepared for different space projects, including shopping malls, and not only in the moments of acoustic performance.

Professional Audio-Video-Lighting Systems

One of the most important areas where technology is applied in space projects is professional sound, light and visual systems. These systems, which have different design and technical characteristics according to their usage purpose, are of great importance for achieving high performance. In order to achieve this high performance, our team of experts works with state-of-the-art products and makes full preparations for this. We also provide consultancy, engineering and technical support services. With our experienced team in the field and related assembly services, we provide you with lifelong support at minimum cost.

Acoustic Materials +

Building materials are indispensable in the implementation of the projects. Material is one of the most important things determining the performance of projects in implementation. At this point, the appropriate equipment, fixed furniture, lighting units and accessories must be selected appropriately. The so-called Technological Equipment should be of high quality and aesthetics and at the same time have a different structure that will add value to the interior design. The integration of architecture and acoustic materials is of great importance. We offer you a wide range of solutions and quality oriented a+ project applications such as divisible movable acoustic walls, acoustic panels, acoustic materials, cinema and conference chairs, flooring materials, furniture hardware in our company which is one of the leading companies in the field and working in the international field.