Scope of Works ?

joint of “architecture“ and “technology“ in the acoustic field

01.Auditorium Architecture

Auditoriums, conference rooms, theaters, concert halls, theater halls, ballrooms, exhibition centers such as culture and social and cultural activities occur for the purpose of the architectural designs and technical qualities of the place where it should be. Each detail should be specially planned according to the expectations and needs of the users and spectators.

02.Architectural Acoustic

Regardless of all technical details and concept confusion,our goal is to sign projects in which the acoustic performance is optimally optimized with the design of architectural volumes for the purpose of use. We can meet the requirements such as natural acoustic – electro – acoustic, acoustic reflective-absorber panel, reverbation, reflection, insulation and Echo, which can add difference to our projects.

03.Professional Audio-Video-Lighting Systems

We are adding new dimensions to your projects with “technology“ products, which are the most important complement of architectural dimension. We provide Project Design, Consultancy and integration services of all high – level systems such as professional audio-visual and Light Systems, simultaneous translation and Video conferencing, automation, LED Display Systems and architectural lighting with our own expert team

04.Stage Mechanic & Technology

Stage machinery, devices designed for the production of theatrical effects, such as rapid scene changes, lighting, sound effects, and illusions of the supernatural or magical. In this context, we produce a wide range of products such as Understage, above and above mechanics, control and Automation Systems, stage curtains and textiles, special constructions and upholstery with the power-CAD brand, design and integrate them into your projects.

05.Acoustic Materials +

In order to implement the design and design process at the highest level, we prefer acoustically qualified construction equipment selected with our care and experience. Our product range also qualified, cinema and conference seats, flooring and tile, carpet, wood acoustic Panels, Fabric Acoustic Panels linear Panels with perforation, Custom ceiling panels, direct and indirect LED lighting units located in the background of finished products and processes, such as qualified insulation products and acoustic equipment assembly is located.