SULTANAH - Qassim University

Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University, and King Saud University in Qassim into Qassim University. Girls' colleges in Qassim, as well as the Teachers College in Ar-Rass, were also merged into Qassim University. The University's main campus is in the middle of Qassim, near Qassim Regional Airport. It is built on an area of 7.8 million square meters. Several colleges of the University are also spread across the region with separate buildings.


Sağlık bakanlığının kamu özel ortaklığı modeli ile Türkiye’nin birçok şehrinde gerçekleştirdiği tam teşekküllü hastanelerden biri olan Eskişehir Şehir Hastanesi, 333.000 m2 alan üzerinde inşaa edilmekte olup toplam 1081 yatağa sahiptir. Proje kapsamında 200 Kişi Kapasiteli Çok Amaçlı Konferans Salonun Mimari Akustik, Tasarım ve Uygulamaları başarıyla teslim edilmiştir.


Before the Project Implementation phase, it is the process of realizing the Project Design in different hardware and software and computer supported digital environments. Within Conceptual Boards and 2D and 3D designs, It is aimed to able to create the desired concept and to anticipate architectural norms in the most efficient way.


The application envisaged by the investor; evaluation of different disciplines and reporting of evaluations. In this process, investors are expected to have healthy information and information before and during the construction phase. In this way, it is ensured that the result closest to the result desired by the investor is obtained in the Project.


During the implementation, the project is the follow-up process of the application in the field in order to ensure that the realized project is in accordance with the prescribed standards and as a result. It is aimed to prevent the disruptions that may occur during the implementation of the determined concept and the approved project, to achieve the best result